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Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours is part of the touring division of McLachlan Travel Group, a family company that has been prominent in the Australian travel industry for more than 40 years.

Founded in 2007, Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours has grown to become the leading specialist provider of battlefield tours in Australia, sending thousands of Australian travellers to battlefields all over the world each year.

In 2015, the travel company were ready for a re-brand and with that the creation of a new online experience for their clients.

The travel group were our foundation client, and we are proud of our long association. Today, Cloud High manage their stable of websites within Australia and overseas.

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Branding Concept

The poppy is a perfect representation of the service and sacrifice of the Anzacs, which are the same qualities Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours promote. The poppy is a near-universal symbol of the First World War that has been used to remember the Anzacs thousands of times, and in thousands of different ways. Their new branding is a representation of the poppies that grow in the battlefields where they bring the history of the Anzacs to life for their passengers.